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Seven questions you should ask a commercial cleaning company before engaging its services

Choosing a commercial cleaning service seems like a no-brainer but if you choose the wrong one, you will feel the effects in no time.

Therefore, before you settle on a commercial cleaning company in Glasgow/Edinburgh, consider asking them the following questions in order to make an informed decision.

  1. What type of cleaning services do you specialize in?
  2. Are you a franchise company? Can you service multiple locations, if needed?
  3. Do you have the manpower to perform the cleaning services I require?
  4. What is your experience?
  5. What types of cleaning methods and solutions do you use?
  6. What types of clients do you currently provide services for? Do you have experience with other businesses like mine?
  7. Do you have references? If a commercial cleaning company in Glasgow/Edinburgh happily give you references of their current clients, then it is a strong indication that this company is confident in its abilities to provide the services you need.

Choosing a commercial cleaning service does not have to become a time-consuming task if you use the above-mentioned information as a tool to assist you in making an informed choice. A commercial cleaning service that takes the time to acknowledge and answer all your questions and has a thorough knowledge of the services to be performed is more likely to match and most likely to exceed your expectations.