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Top 10 benefits of using Shine Hygiene Services

Top 10 Benefits to Using Shine Hygiene 

            Shine Hygiene is a top-rated cleaning service in the United Kingdom. They help their customers by cleaning their hard-to-reach areas, and sprucing up their kitchens and restaurants. But what are the benefits to using Shine Hygiene? 

1. High Quality Cleaning 

            Shine Hygiene is a cleaning company that offers a high-quality cleaning. They are experts in their field and completely sanitize and clean every surface they contact. They clean kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, and more.

2. Biohazard Spaces 


Biohazards, such as bodily fluids, blood and fecal matter can carry viruses and pose a significant health risk. Safe decontamination of the area following an incident involving biohazardous materials or waste is vital, to help reduce the risk of infection from exposure.

Shine Specialist Hygiene’s specialist disinfection service involves our technicians quickly and efficiently disinfecting the area, then safely disposing of  hazardous waste, with minimal disruption to your business or premises.   

3. Vent Cleaning           

            Vents are certainly difficult areas to clean that get dirty very fast. In the locations of Edinburgh and Glasgow, shine hygiene offers vent cleaning services. They clean those small, dirty spaces to appease customers and help them get that squeaky clean look everywhere.

4. Fully Trained Employees

            The employees at Shine Hygiene are fully trained in the art of cleaning. They have learned the ins and outs to cleaning each space, and cleaning it well. They know how to ensure that every space is completely shiny and clean.

5. Cleaning to BESA TR19 Grease

            There are duct-work cleaning guidelines called BESA TR19 Grease. Shine Hygiene adheres to the rules of BESA TR19 and has the certificate to prove it. This document puts its focus on fire risk management and the best ways of cleaning to avoid fire outbreaks.

6. Members of BESA and NADUUK           

            As mentioned before, Shine Hygiene adheres to the rules of BESA and are actually members of it, as well as NADUUK. BESA stands for Building Engineering Services Association and NADUUK stands for National Association of Air Duct Cleaners in the UK. These are accredited cleaning associations to make sure each cleaning company is following protocol and upholding standards. Shine Hygiene is.

7. Cost Effective

            No one wants to spend an excessive amount of money on a cleaning service. With Shine Hygiene, they don’t have to. Shine Hygiene is cost effective. They make it so anyone in need of a kitchen cleaning can do so.

8. Constant Improvement 

            Shine Hygiene strives for the best. That means they are constantly progressing and looking for ways to improve. They won’t settle for being good– they want to always be great. They are the best of the best because they are always looking for ways to move forward and further help their customers.

9. Great Communication           

            Shine Hygiene has great communication services. They respond promptly and will discuss cleaning needs with their clients to get them the best deal and service. Customers and potential customers can talk to Shine Hygiene through email or on the phone.

10.UK Services 

Shine Hygiene may not be available everywhere, but they are always expanding. Right now, their services can be found in different areas of Scotland and Northern England.

These are the top 10 reasons why Shine Hygiene is a great cleaning company. They have incredible benefits that are incomparable to any other UK cleaning service.